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The secret to getting more out of your personal and professional life...
without more time, energy, or mental space.

You’ve read and listened to all of your industry's experts and successful people. You used the affirmations and tried to banish the negative thoughts in your head. You’ve tried every time management and organizational hack, you’ve maxed out every aspect of your life. Or you are just too overwhelmed and exhausted, leaving you stuck.

The problem? Your brain is still buzzing, you are still feeling daily stress, and your work or life is going great, but never both at the same time.

You know there has to be another way to live and work that is happy and productive, but you don’t have any more time, energy, or brain space.

That's exactly how I felt a few years ago.

My relationships, physical and mental health were suffering and the crazy part
I wasn’t even really aware. Only in those quiet moments did I know something had to change.

Maybe you’ve felt the same?

  • Maybe you’ve tried all these things too. Everyone else’s answers and solutions worked for them but weren’t designed uniquely for you.

  • Maybe you’ve gotten up early and stayed up late trying to find the extra time, and you still feel too busy to make a change

  • Maybe you’ve tried all the things that treat the symptoms but never truly get to the root of the problem.

  • Maybe you’ve never been able to identify where your brain is using your mental and emotional energy in ways that are burning you out.

  • Maybe you’ve bought into the belief that life is stressful and must always feel that way.

woman lying on bed
woman lying on bed
red leafed plant

After trying so many “solutions,” I was at my end.

But then, a friend shared some work she was doing that could actually rewire the brain to reduce stress and increase happiness. I was immediately in.

Within 2 weeks of beginning my practice, my fight or flight, which was always on (seriously, my kids were not allowed to scare me. It was so bad), suddenly turned off.

I made a mistake in my business, like a big one, that affected others and would definitely make me look bad. After about an hour of calmly finding a solution, I realized that my fight or flight had never turned on. I didn’t have to think my way through it or use affirmation; my brain automatically went a different way.

I noticed less conflict with my spouse, the buzzing in my brain had stopped, and I was even sleeping better! (I hadn’t slept well in about a decade). I was feeling peace, joy and consistent, rather than fleeting happiness. My professional results started to improve too! I was working less and producing more!

At first, I thought it was maybe just me, but
client after client kept experiencing the same results, and I knew we had discovered magic.

woman in white shirt and blue denim shorts holding green bottle standing on road during daytime
woman in white shirt and blue denim shorts holding green bottle standing on road during daytime
green leafed plants

I work in a high-stress position in an ICU. I knew my brain was still in trauma mode post-COVID and knew I needed to do something to reset it. I was starting a new leadership position and wanted to start off on the right foot. This was it!

I didn’t tell my wife I had started this program, and 2 days in, she asked me what I had changed. She wasn’t complaining, actually the opposite, she could see a change in me already!


Unlike other programs that only deal with symptoms...
this practice works because it gets to the root of the problem and repairs it from there.

This practice was researched and tested at Stanford.
And has proven results.

83% of participants had improved self-confidence
85% Increased Happiness
91% Managed Stress Better
85% Had Increased Achievement
90% Used their Mental and Emotional Energy Better
91% Had Improved Optimism
84% Were Better at Conflict Management

Utilized in Organizations such as

Hi! I'm Stephanie.
I have a passion for helping people leave the hustle behind and create a life they are madly in love with. You can have all the dream results you want without sacrificing living your life or happiness. This is what I want for you. I promise it's amazing.

I have 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, business, and coaching. I am certified as a John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer, and Coach and have extensive training in DISC, Mental Fitness, Sales & Marketing Strategies, and training entrepreneurs. As a speaker and trainer, I have been sought after for my ability to make complex topics simple and create clear action plans for success.


Dramatically reducing your stress while increasing your results.

Turning off the buzzing in your brain and experiencing quiet.

Deepening your relationships, experiencing your life and finding your joy.

Truly loving your life instead of just getting through the stress.

This created such a quick and massive change in my clients and myself that I knew we had to open access to more people so they could experience the same transformation. So, I created a Limited Beta Test of our program with exclusive discounts for testers with feedback/reviews.

person in white sport shirt on shore during golden hour
person in white sport shirt on shore during golden hour
green leafed plants

This has been an absolute game changer for me. I am so much more effective in more work and don’t feel frazzled all the time.

I have seen such a difference!

My own mental health has improved and so have my relationships and business. I wish I had this so much sooner in life!


For those who want to accelerate their results
without needing more time, energy or brain space.


  • Why past affirmations or mindset work may not have provided lasting results

  • How to multiply your time (and not by maxing out every minute)

  • How to create consistent happiness and actually enjoy your life

(without sacrificing your results)

  • How to increase your business/professional success

(without working more hours)

  • Shift into your superpower space and banish stress in minutes

green leafed plants

I am so much less triggered by things.

I noticed the other day in a high stress situation at work I was able to stop the restless energy and it was as if time slowed. I could make much clearer decisions and I noticed my team started to mirror my energy.

It was like I was shifting them too! This is amazing!

- Nicole

What's included in Activate?

Customized Program (Value $995)
Your program utilizes the assessment results to build something just for you. And together we target your unique roadblocks, discover your superpowers, and how to shift into them on demand

Personalized Assessment
Uncover your unique saboteurs to get to the root of what is blocking you and causing the most stress. Discover the sneaky ways these saboteurs are wreaking havoc on your peace and success.

App Access
Access to the app with all of your program in one place. Track, learn, grow, and get reminders anywhere, anytime.

Results tracking and reporting that is specific for you.
Daily and overall easy-to-read progress reporting. See exactly how much and how fast you are shifting.

Daily tailor-made quick challenges to start seeing fast results
Banish stress and negative emotions in minutes. These daily challenges are easy to weave into your daily life and activities, making your shifts faster and automatic.

Bite-sized modules
Deepen your learning and accelerate your shifts. Learn secret tools to maximize your results and strengthen your mental muscles.

BONUS: Add Individual Coaching at a Discount (Value $995)
Flexible voice coaching to dive into your specific saboteurs and individual support throughout your program. Available in weekly or daily access.

Total Value $2752
Only 495

BONUS: Level 2 Modules (Value $149)
Unlock new modules and skills for stress, wellness, relationships, parenting, career planning, emotional intelligence, conflict management, creativity, leadership, performance and more

BONUS: Community Membership
(Value $297)
Q&As and monthly hot seating coaching to expand your impact and insight.

BONUS: NY Times Best Selling Book & Audiobook (Value $47)
Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and how you can achieve yours

BONUS: Mastermind Access
(Value $269)
Small group community to deepen and accelerate your growth. Clients have 300% better results with access to this community.

woman standing on the desert while her hands up

If you don't see positive results after 30 days of actively working in the program and showing up to your coaching, we will give you your money back, scout's honor.

green leafed plants

Thank you Tom and Stephanie for an amazing program! I honestly was skeptical but cannot believe the change I have seen!

I learned a great deal about the relationship between the physical and emotional and how I must deliberately work on training my brain muscle every day. It's too easy to slide into lazy thought patterns that have been developed over the years, many of them defeating and harmful to myself and others.

This is a program that everyone can benefit from!


This won't be around forever...

This limited discounted offer is part of our Summer Beta Test Program.

Grab your spot before doors close.

Save over $2200!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

This can easily weave into your life and activities as they are. You may need a couple of small pockets of time to work on specific skills or tools

How fast can I expect to see results?

We have had the spouses of our clients notice a difference within days. Most clients notice differences within the first week or two.

I already have done mindset work. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely!! Because we are rewiring the brain, we are making these shifts habitual and automatic, so you are not thinking your way to get there. It will take any previous work to the next level!

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You will have access to flexible voice coaching from me and other members of your Mastermind Group whenever you need it! We are here to support you! You can also choose to upgrade to add flexible voice coaching one-on-one with me to get access anytime and boost your growth and results.

How long can I keep it for?

You will have access to the full program for 13 weeks. This is normally only available for 6 weeks. Afterward, you can subscribe to continued access or retain everything from your foundations program in your app for a year.

green leafed plants

I'm so much calmer. I can see how this program has been helpful for noticing my saboteurs, catching the thought, calming myself down and approaching the situation with positive energy.

I learned to love myself more, and to be content that what I have done is enough.

Lastly, it's weird, but there is more time in the day to get stuff done. I'm less frenetic, more even-keeled, more able to put the work in, and accomplishing more with far less stress. I'm no longer driven by an unkind taskmaster.


Personalized Assessment
App Access
Bite-sized modules
Customized Program
Results tracking and reporting that is specific for you.
Daily tailor-made quick challenges to start seeing fast results
(Value $995)

BONUS: NY Times Best Selling Book & Audiobook (Value $47)
BONUS: Mastermind Access (Value $269)
BONUS: Level 2 Modules (Value $149)
BONUS: Community Membership (Value $297)
BONUS: Add Individual Coaching at a Discount (Value $995)

Total Value $2752
Only 495

Are you ready for it?

Are you ready to live a life you are madly in love with? Where you feel truly present and deeply happy.

One where you have momentum and success in your goals and professional life without sacrificing your personal life. One where you are thriving in all areas.

Listen, if what we had all tried before was going to work, it would have worked already. Believe me, I have tried them all!

The only way to get different results is to do something different. This practice made more significant progress and results for me than anything else in the 20 years prior, and I want that for you, too.

Let’s do this together!

🤍 Stephanie

Personalized Assessment
App Access
Bite-sized modules
Customized Program
Results tracking and reporting that is specific for you.
Daily tailor-made quick challenges to start seeing fast results
(Value $995)

BONUS: NY Times Best Selling Book & Audiobook (Value $47)
BONUS: Mastermind Access (Value $269)
BONUS: Level 2 Modules (Value $149)
BONUS: Community Membership (Value $297)
BONUS: Add Individual Coaching at a Discount (Value $995)

Total Value $2752
Only 495

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